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Embrace Life Recovery Center... why us???

Embrace Life Recovery Center offers a gorgeous campus that is clean and inviting. We take great pride in our appearance and creating a space that is not only inviting but focused around healing. We offer incredibly unique services that help the person to heal their mind, body, and soul. Our holistic approach to treatment focuses on nutrition, health, community integration and learning healthy alternatives. Our spa-like services that are included in treatment help restore the body and mind. Our program is designed to work closely with family and loved ones to be able to treat the family as a whole unit and work towards successful relationships.

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Well, I made it! What an amazing 3 months it has been. I can’t believe how fast the time flies when I’m sober and having fun.

I remember the first week in January. Begging for something to change. Weather it be not being around anymore, possibly getting some help, or going to the Emergency room to detox. I knew that being around wasn’t really an option having 2 little children that need there daddy and that I love so dearly. I remember vividly trying to reach out to my mother, and at the time my fiancé for help. Call after call went straight to voicemail. They were done with my way of life and would not take my calls. Sobbing naked face down on my bed I made a decision that night and called 911 to come get me. While I lay in bed, face down, tears rolling down my face, crying to god asking him why it had gotten to this point…. I knew that something had to change. The ambulance arrived and hauled me into St. Luke's in Twin Falls. As I lay in the emergency room getting ready for what I knew would be a horrible few days of detox I made a decision that something had to change. I was no longer going to live my life just skating through. I was put on this earth to make a difference and my kids need there daddy, the daddy that I knew I could be. The man that I knew I could be.

The doctor came into my room to talk about options. He mentioned that I could go to the crisis center in Twin Falls, possibly call the Walker center in Gooding, or that there was a brand new place in Jerome. He wasn’t sure of the name but he would find out for me. He came back a few minutes later with a sticky note with the words Embrace life Recovery on it and a phone number.

When I got home I new that I needed to act fast. I found the little sticky note that had the doctors hand written phone number on in. As my heart started to pound I dialed the number. The phone rang once before a woman answered on the other end with a cheery voice saying, “Embrace Life Recovery Center, This is Stephanie, how may I help you”…. That was January 10th, the first day to the rest of my life.

At Embrace life I have learned so much. I have not only learned how to not drink but how to live my life to the best of my ability day in and day out. What is offered here is unlike anything that I have ever experienced. From the different courses, dance, anger management, coping skills, holistic healing, substance abuse, community re-integration. The program is geared toward getting to the root of the problem and teaching you how to live life, how to live life to the best of your ability.

I have so many people to thank for taking me on this incredible journey.

Erin, Thank you for showing me how to have fun. The dance and acting have been absolutely amazing. Stomping my feet to the beats, dancing around like a fool, and acting like no one is watching. Absolutely amazing! Thank you

Ariel.... The urinator!!! Just playing. But honestly thank you for collecting all of the pee samples you have from me in the last 3 months! Il tell you, 3 times a week for 3 months is a lot of samples. It has been a life saver though.. you know what I’m talking about!  I love you girl. You make all my days brighter!  

Aurelia, Thank you! From Anger and Stress Management, to the men's group where you let us get all of our manly problems out on the table. I cant thank you enough. Also, for taking us on all of our wonderful outings and our community integration, Thank you!

Teresa, You are amazing. Thank you for always having a kind word. For letting me vent when needed and turning me in a positive direction. I appreciate you very much!

Charlotte, Oh Charlotte…. Where do I start? Let me start with THANK YOU! ….. Your door was always open. I have really opened up to you and you probably know more about me than you ever wanted to know. From the bottom of my heart Thank you!

I want to thank my mother and her husband. They have been with me from the very start. You have seen me at my worst and are seeing me where I stand at now. I appreciate everything that you both have done for me. I do apologize for putting you through the stuff that you have seen me though but I am so glad that I get to experience life with you sober. We have a lot of good times ahead of us. I am so grateful to both of you. I love you both very much.

And Last but certainly not least… Stephanie.... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I want you to know that your vision has made me the man that I am standing in front of you today! I cant tell you how much I appreciate everything that you do. The hours that you put in, the people that you have hired to work for you and teach us, the good you see in everyone, even when there might not be a lot that we see in ourselves. You are one of a kind ….and for where I am today I thank you!  

- James S.